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24/7 emergency vac truck services

available for commercial/residential needs

Mar- king also will Thaw your froozen line in the dead of winter.

When the winter season comes around, temperatures begin to drop, and people often make the mistake of failing to ensure that their water lines are properly heated or insulated.

As temperatures drop well below freezing, it’s not uncommon for pipes to freeze which can result in the pipes exploding and causing extensive damage. At the very least, the pipes could freeze to a point that restricts the flow of water and leaves people without a water supply.

NEVER attempt to thaw frozen pipes on your own.

Heating up a pipe too quickly can cause waterlines to explode which could lead to injury and/or serious plumbing issues. Before you do anything, turn off the taps to your main water supply to prevent any water surging through an obstruction. Next, call Mar-King to arrange for a safe and effective service to thaw your pipes.

Often, freezing points occur at the joints of pipes. Using a method other than our proven steam thawing process to thaw your pipes could leave them vulnerable to severe damage which could result in having to replace the entire length of frozen pipe.

Again, we can’t stress enough that frozen pipes should not be handled by anyone who does not have the training, experience, and equipment to deal with them safely. Call Mar-King Vac Truck Service and have our trained staff help you to quickly and effectively thaw your frozen pipes today.

Pipe Thawing 

​​​​​​​Vac Truck Services

Vac Truck able to service almost all locations

We proudly offer powerful vacuum truck services to assist in the removal of almost anything safely and effectively. Vacuum trucks proficiently pump and haul liquid or semi-solid waste from tanks, other trucks, oil water separator, and sumps. Call Mar-King to drain tanks before removal or to attend to your regular maintenance needs.

Some of the vacuum services that we provide include:

·         Industrial Vacuuming

·         Vac Truck

·         Catch Basin Cleaning

·         Sewer / Storm Drain

·         Sludge Removal

·         Flood Cleanup

·         Construction Site Services

We are available to perform services such as site preparation before the regular crews show up in order to save you time and money.

And we are always available around the clock for emergencies.


Portable Toilet Rentals ​​​​​​​

Handicap Portable

Toilet Rentals

portable toilet rentals and wash basins for both residential and commercial.

Are you planning a special event like:

  • an outdoor wedding
  • a festival
  • a family reunion?
  • Are you undertaking a new work project that requires
  • Portable toilets
  • Wash station facilities?

We can provide for your portable washroom needs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

We have portable toilet rentals and wash basins for both residential and commercial sites. Each washroom comes complete with sanitizing dispensers and toilet paper. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are also available.

Our services also include regular maintenance and cleaning. And we deliver and pick up right at your location!

Call Mar-King Vac Truck Services. Our trained staff can help you in determining the type and quantity of portable toilets required to meet your needs. We take pride in ensuring that we provide you with reliable, professional, and clean portable toilet services.